- The Legend of Halloween Jean -The book 

I'm so happy to share with you my new collaboration with an American writer, Nicole Von Paris.

Thanks to destiny , Nicole and I meet at our kids bus-stop in the deep woods of Virginia. 

First contact we were both concerned to know if with the echo, we could hear each other yelling at our kids before leaving our house for the bus stop !

Immediately creating a bond between us...

We quickly realized that our jobs were complimentary and that we would love working together! We turned the bus-stop into our office and start working!

Few weeks later The legend of Halloween Jean is born !

What is the story about ? : 

Let's jump together in Halloween !

Discover this old Legend of Halloween Jean.

A family fun book. 

As legend has it, Halloween was ounce on the brink of extinction when a king tried to outlaw the spooky holiday. Jean took the mission by gathering ingredients in a witch's spell to stop the king orders. With the help of many children and spooky games, Jean is determined to save Halloween. A tale of frightening fun and adventure.

The legend of halloween Jean has been told for generations - with some even saying that Jean's game still works to this very day. 

For kids 3 to 12 

Soft cover or digital book 

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